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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One done....

One of the Chain Links is completed. This was just a total "fun to do" sock! I love working with off-white, and the Wildfoote is deliciously soft. I did have to tink back and repair split stitches quite often, but that's what I get for knitting while multi-tasking. I often don't look at what I am knitting, and sometimes I must pay the consequences. This yarn is a bit splitty.

The leg is made with 2.25mm needles, and I dropped down to 2.0 for the foot, but I did not do so till after the heel was made. Just not thinking, I guess. I prefer a very tightly knit heel, so that was one "Opps!" that happened. But - I still love the sock! It is a keeper - just for me!!

Thanks to Deby Lake for the pattern, and the Six Sox group for choosing it.


Pat said...

Your Chain Link socks are so pretty in the white and tan....quite elegant looking! I'm in the 6 sock KAL, but have been lazy....I will have to make this one!

Mama Bear said...

Great socks! One of these days I need to get some sock blockers. What a great way to show your socks.

Marcia said...

Oh what a cute sock! I really like the colors you chose.

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I love your color choices for this sock pattern. I will now have to copy you and make them too! So far these colors are my fav together.
Thanks for participating and knitting my pattern. I will be offering this as a free pattern on my blog after Six Sox is through with it at the end of Jan. I would love to add your finished photo to my show off folder if its ok with you.