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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cozy in Blue...

Here is the finished toddler "Cozy in Cables" for CIC. Oddest thing happened, though. My yellow sweater (same size - same stitch count/needle size/finished size) used quite a bit of a 3rd skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky. For this sweater, I had a small amount of the 2nd skein left!! Marguerite's pattern called for 250 yards (each skein is 225) so 2 should have been adequate. But, after the yellow experience, I ran back and purchased the 3rd skein of all the colors I had purchased (enough for 7 sweaters). So - I may have lots of yarn for bulky wool mittens!!!


Pat said...

That is the prettiest "Cozy in Cables" that I have seen - I love it in blue and the bulkiness of the yarn looks perfect - the arm on mine wouldn't bend like yours does in the picture - it was TOO thick.
Are you really going to make 7? or are you switching to other patterns?

Jennifer said...

Cute sweater! You did a beautiful job. I hope we (New England) get some of that snow soon!