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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Foiled plans.... darn!

My plan was to knit "Dalarna" with the KOTR kal. I had the yarn called for in the pattern, and was ready to roll. I never thought to guestion the quality of yarn that had been carelessly stored away for probably 10 years! Well - it was pretty useless - lots of fraying and breakage. So - Wendy Guernsey in the trash... sniff sniff... lesson learned.

While I re-grouped, I knit these three pairs of "big kid" socks for the current CIC challenge. I would like to make 3 more pair before shipping them off at the end of the month. Perhaps I should re-check to see when the deadline is? The center pair is the pattern that Susan has posted on her blog in segmented fashion-- what fun! The other two are from the "Winging WW socks" pattern that Marguerite was kind enough to share with us. Thanks to both talented (and generous) ladies!

And, Shirley and I have decided to knit "Monkey" the pattern by the talented Cookie as our next KT. I am still undecided as to which yarn I will use, but leaning towards a Wildfoote in "Jazz" colorway. I purchased this yarn in Colorado last fall, and don't want it to go the way of the Wendy Guernsey..... My heart can't take too much of that....!


Rebecca said...

Ah..rats! I was looking forward to seeing what those socks looked like in the actual yarn they were knit in! Well, I will enjoy watching the unveiling of a pair of Monkey socks.

I guess your foiled plans will be a lesson to us all, eh? I'm trying to knit from my oldest stash right now which is really hard.....the most recent yarn is the yarn I want to knit :-(

Mama Bear said...

How sad about the yarn, but great job of recovering and moving on!

The socks look great. My son would covet the red socks!