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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is my current project, Glittens for my mom. This is the 26th pair that I have made. One would think I really enjoyed making them, right?? Wrong! It is all about the end product, in this case. They are the warmest hand covering I have ever found! The multi strands of the wool does wonders at freezing temps. They are always welcome gifts, much appreciated for harsh midwest winters.

The original pattern was in this Fall 1993 edition of Knitters, but I have made many modifications over the years. I have designed many motifs myself, and different cuff configurations. The gauntlet remains my personal favorite, as it blocks the wind from blowing up your sleeves, but that is personal choice. My daughter prefers ribbed cuffs.

I make these from Dale of Norway Heilo. I have tried Falk, but somehow not the same, not as warm, even though they are 100% also. Does the superwash process make a difference, or is it all in my mind??

Those of you that read my blog much, know that I am not "into" colors. But, this is the one project that I do enjoy working with bright colors. Making the fingers different colors always seem to put the "fun" factor into wearing them. I admit they are a little wierd looking, but once in a while, you have to give up fashion for down right comfort!!


Anonymous said...

They are ALL gorgeous, but I really love the ones with the Christmas trees.

Jennifer said...

These are stunning - all of them!! Also ingeniously designed.

Pat said...

26 pairs?? You are a Norwegian Glitten Professional!!!
They are amazing and so so beautiful!! I just kept saying "WOW" to myself as I studied each pair (I want to see all 26!)

Ilix said...

Those look wonderful! Love in the knitting! you can see it!

bobbi said...

this I just can't believe. I must make these one day. (I do say that a lot)
I too live in the midwest as you know.