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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shawl finished!

Yes, I have my shawl done (again) - only it's not upside down this time!! Yeahhh!!! Now - the next big mystery - blocking it. Hmmm.... Is there a standard as to how severly I stretch it out? I am not sure what surface I will use either, although Sofee expects the entire process to be great fun!!

I made a pair of CIC bigger kid's socks while I was gaining my self esteem from the upside down shawl fiasco. Next, I am going to make another Cozy in Cable sweater for CIC. Shirley and I are going to do another KT.

Then - socks with the KOTR group. Hopefully they will also meet my obligation for the SAM-3 group. There have been such lovely socks posted there!!


Pat said...

Well your shawl turned out gorgeous!! -and just think of all you learned - I bet from now on, you'll always know which end of the shawl you're working on!! (I can't believe how fast you made it 2nd time around)
I thought it was already blocked when I looked at the picture! Looks perfect to me! I'm not a great blocker so I don't have a lot of advice there other than stretch it to the max.

Marguerite said...

I think how much you stretch it out is a matter of personal preference.

Congratulations on your "Newly Retired" status. Welcome to the clue. Enjoy.

susan said...

The shawl looks great, Kathy. You'd be surprised at home much you can stretch it during the blocking process. But, like Marguerite said, it's a matter of personal preference.

marie in florida said...

OH! that is the cutes dog in the whole world, she has moth wing-ears! hehehe
just followed you in from Susan's blog, so hello to ya!