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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I made it!!

There is indeed enough yardage in one skein of Louet Gems for a pair of medium sized Breeze! I divided the skein in half - by weight. I have 7 yards left over after making this one footie.

I probably don't need to say that it was a quick knit. How could anything this small take too long, right?? Instead of the suggested 2.75mm needles, I used 2.25mm for the ankle ribbing, and 2.5mm for the rest of the socklet (PonyPearl DPNS). Also, the pattern suggests 34 rows in the heel section, to a measurement of 2.25 inches. I knit fewer rows to get to the desired demension.

The best part of all is the heel detail. Love it!
Nona now has an anklet version of her sidewinders designed, and available on her site.
Very Tempting!!

Thanks for the opinions about the two sweaters on the previous post. They are patterns from very old (early 1990's) Knitter's magazines. I like them both, but currently just dreaming. Perhaps if I get my son's "Leo" made, and still have this sweater bug biting...

I love the detail on the sleeves on the green on. The pink one would make a nice lightweight summer sweater - a "take to the overly air conditoned movies" type of sweater.

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bobbi said...

Love both pattern and colorway. What do you use to measure yardage?