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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thank Goodness!!

These socks are finished! This is the first time I have ever knit with Sockotta, and I really do not care for it at all. I found the skein in my stash, and wanted some more cotton blend socks. I recently knit with Regia's cotton and was very happy. These feel stiff and just not very nice at all. Perhaps washing/drying will improve the outcome. Hope so. The pattern is "Priscilla's Dream Sock" from "Favorite Socks" book. The last 3 pairs of socks that I have made have been this pattern - guess it is my new "vanilla sock" pattern.

So, to answer the question of what's next?? I plan to try to squeeze a pair of "Breeze" out of a single skein of Louet Pearl Gems. Wish me luck!

When home last, my son picked out "Leo" as a sweater he would like to have, and requested it in Navy. So - that may be coming soon.

And.... What do you think about this sweater?? Or this one?


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the socks. Your Sockotta looks exactly like mine so I hope it softens after washing. I think both sweaters are pretty - very feminine.

Michelle said...

Nice looking socks! Let us know if they soften up. I really like the pale green sweater; very pretty!

bobbi said...

I agree about the sock patten, can't wait to start mine.
as for the sweater, if my vote does count, I would pick the grayish one. I'm not into the pink style much. That's me.
Plus they are so different from each other.
What pattern is the grayish one?

pat said...

I'm knitting a Sockotta pair right now and the sock itself feels nice and soft, but I sure don't enjoy knitting with it!! Feels like string going through my fingers.
I like the gray (cable with lace bottom and very pretty sleeve) sweater - What a beautiful pattern!

KnittySue said...

I like both sweaters but I think the 1st one will look great on you. The socks I love too bad the yarn is ify. I have that book, I need to pull it out and try that pattern out.

Jennifer said...

Hmm, the top sweater would be my choice. I'll be watching for your Breeze, it's definitely on my short list right now too ;)

Jakki said...

Ambitious sweater projects! I see that the majority have picked the top one. That's my choice, too!

Nice Leo pattern as well. Have you picked out a yarn/color?

Anonymous said...

The socks are lovely. I hope they soften after they're washed.
I love the green sweater. It looks more shaped than the pink one. I think it would have a nice fit.