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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sofee, Shopping, and socks!

Sofee kindly reminded me that her name is on the title of this blog, and she has not posed for any "Sofee Shots" for quite some time. So.......

DH and I decided to take a little road trip today, and during our journey, we planned on doing some shopping. Sofee, of course, goes with us on such excursions. She often waits patiently for us in the car, but on occasion will snuggle down in her carry bag and do some shopping with mom. It had been months since she had last been in the carrier, but obviously she was quite content and ready to roll! She is such a good little doggie!!

And, I was pleased that I had a great excuse to start a pair of socks!! I really need a break from the cardi, and besides, who wants to drag the big sweater project along on a road trip??? I grabbed this skein of cotton from the stash as I ran out the door. Sockotta?? I have no recall of purchasing this yarn! Now, do I have too much sock yarn, or am I just getting old?? Hey-- Watch it!!


bobbi said...

Sockatta, let me know what you think of the yarn,
what pattern are you knitting. hope you had a great road trip.
my hubby and I love taking little breaks from the norm and taking short trips.

Artseycrafts said...

Sofee looks very content to be in her doggie carrier. She is such a pretty little girl!

I also have 4 skeins of Sockotta but neither do I remember buying it. So NO - I don't think you are getting old.(vbg)

bobbi said...

thank you Sofee for reminding mommy that you need to get your blog time in. I love seeing your oh so cute face.

Jennifer said...

Cute!! My kids (and me too) absolutely loved the carrier picture. Frisky is too naughty to take shopping...ever. Well, maybe to PetSmart, but that's about it.