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Monday, June 04, 2007

Warning - Sofee post - no knitting! Feel free to skip

Jennifer wrote that Frisky was too naughty to go shopping (except at Petsmart). He certainly looks angelic, but I suppose he must have earned his name somehow?? Anyway, her comment brought to mind one time when Sofee was a little naughty too....but I so enjoyed it!!

We were shopping at the GNC Nutrition store, at the cash register, paying for some vitamins. The young man at the register was the typical well buffed, tanned, beautifully macho "fitness guru" hired to peddle all the "Get muscles quickly" health supplements that they sell.

I sat my bag on the counter and proceeded to get my money out. He had no idea that Sofee was inside. (She can see thru darkened mesh, but it is very difficult to see inside and see her) I guess she did not like the looks of him...and let out one of her exceptionally "fierce" barks! I thought the poor guy was going to hit the floor! Scared him to death! Totally lost the macho image!! It was all I could do to contain myself, and of course I apologized for Sofee startling him so badly.

But - we laughed all the way home. It was the last time she went into that store, and I am always careful who is at the counter, in any store, before I set the bag down. She seems a little taken back by men sometimes. Especially when we are out by ourselves. Ha ha!! - I have a 4.2 LB guard dog!!

"Geeezzz mom! If you're going to sully my "good doggie" reputation, I'd really prefer you just stuck with the knitting chatter....."


Marguerite said...

I wouldn't dream of skipping a Sofee post. How funny. Thanks for sharing.

Of my three dogs, Pappy, the smallest at 14 pounds, has the loudest, most piercing bark.

Jennifer said...

Awww, good girl, Sofee, for protecting your mom! Every now and then Frisky (who loves everyone) will start barking like crazy at some innocuous-looking human and I have to admit - I find myself thinking, "Hmm..." There's something to be said for little doggie instinct, I think ;)

Beth said...

Well, you'd have to look pretty hard to find the vicious guard dog part of Sofee. She's awfully sweet looking - especially in her little bag.

bobbi said...

I've said this before, and I'll say it again
Sofee is the cutiest dog around for sure.
also, sofee knows who is good and who is not so good when it comes to people.

Dorothy said...

Darling story and photo - how did you get her to pose like that??

Rebecca said...

Your story is hilarious and makes me want to go buy a carrier for Snooks! I don't think I could ever get him to ride in one of those. He would be whining the whole way, the wimpy thing. I wish I could have seen the look on macho-muscle-guys face!