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Monday, July 23, 2007

For those of you with tiny dogs....

For Sofee's birthday, I went in search of a yellow harness and leash. Our regular brands did not come in yellow, but I did discover this harness/leash combination. I think I found it at Petco.

We tried it out today, and boy, is it slick! She steps into it, and with one slide of the tightening clip, it snugs right up, and fits perfectly! It will be great this fall and winter, as it will adjust automatically over sweaters and winter coats. It has a swivel clip so that it does not get twisted either. What a neat design! Just had to share... in case anyone out there has a like-size dog, and might be interested. I was a little doubtful, but really do like it!! It comes in several colors, but I think yellow is a good color for Sofee!
And ... on the knitting front. I have Leo's front and back both completed. I am about 11 inches into the sleeves (knitting them both at the same time - so is a slow go!).

I am finally done with the first Pomotamus sock. I am not allowing much time away from Leo, and combined with a somewhat difficult pattern -- well, it was a slow sock. I do like it very much, however. Love the yarn, color, and the fit is great. I will post photo soon.

I am happy to report that I joined SAM-4 KAL. I have really enjoyed SAM-3, and would miss the month challenge of getting a pair of socks done. Now that I am playing around with sweaters, socks are no longer flying off my needles. I need an incentive!

And, I have also joined Knitty KAL. (Thanks Shirley for alerting me!). I have knit quite a few of their designs, and besides my two current projects, thinking about making "Bristow" soon.

UPS should deliver a package tomorrow. I HOPE I am happy. It was a spur of the moment purchase -- not my norm. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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