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Monday, July 30, 2007

Imagine, if you can.......

This Sweater on
This young man.
What do you think? Will it fit? I will let you know on December 25th. Hope so!
Stats: "Leo" by Kristi Porter, a Knitty pattern. It is made of Faulk, by Dale of Norway. It was a fairly easy knit, although somewhat boring at times. He picked out the pattern on a trip home last spring, and asked for Navy - and machine washable. So - if it fits, all should be good! I fear the sleeves may be a little long (they seem to have grown) but they are cuffed in the original pattern photos - so that is an option. Along with climbing, my son snow boards. So, while he lives in New Mexico, I am hoping that he can use a wool sweater for his winter snowboarding. Oh, and just in case you fear that I have lost my mind....he does NOT read his mother's knitting blog.

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