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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Move Your Fanny"...

What a crazy name for a pair of socks! Combined with a crazily bright colorway.... you have one "hot" pair of socks! The pattern can be found on the Socktopia.net site. It is indeed "Move your Fanny" by Gigi Silva. The yarn is a very soft superwash merino called "HotSox" that I received from my Sockret pal several months ago. This was just the perfect pattern for this yarn - a very cheery summertime anklet.

The pattern calls for a shortrow heel and toe, but utilizes a technique that is new to me. It was very simple, yet created a very nice shape, with no hint of the dreaded holes so often found in shortrow heels. I really like the results! It also has a 3 inch section of the foot - the arch area - that is done in ribbing. It obscures the stripes a bit, but the feel is very nice on the foot.

I did make one modification. The pattern called for a 10 row leg section, which I omitted. I wanted them very short, with only a ribbing before the ankle/heel section. Once again - I am happy!!

Hope everyone has a nice 4th of July -- and a safe one! Enjoy....

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