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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another word for boredom....

is "Leo". I knew it would be boring -- a sweater made up entirely of ribbing -- So, no surprise. I think the finished sweater is very handsome, and that it will look very nice on my son. So ... I will persevere!!
I am knitting it in "Falk", a superwash sport wt wool by Dale of Norway. My son requested navy, so as it is.... I have myself on a schedule, of sorts, and with good behavior :) I can "earn" time to work on something else. (yes, I know...I am structured) So, I have chosen:
"Pomatomus", by Cookie. The best part of the project, is that I am using lovely Sock! yarn from Lisa Souza. Regular readers will know that her yarns are my very favorite ever. This colorway is "Wild Things". As lovely to work with as it is to look at. I am struggling with the Pomatomus pattern right now - not feeling the groove - but hoping that it will become more enjoyable the further along I get. It is a beautiful sock, and as with all of Cookie's patterns, very well written.

We are babysitting Herky this weekend, so Sofee is in doggie heaven. She loves her big brother, even though they have their usual sibling rivalry... like exactly WHO gets to sleep WHERE in WHAT bed???? She is nothing if not spoiled!!!

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