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Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress - slow as it is.....

The back of Leo is done, and I will soon start the armhole shaping on the front. All things considered, I guess it is coming along ok. It is boring, but sometimes mindless knitting can be therapeutic (at other times, it is just plain boring!) The back is not blocking, I just wanted to prove to myself that it was going to be ok. The ribbing draws the whole thing up so much, it appears that it will fit a 5 yr old, not a 31 yr old, as is the plan.

Pomotamus is a horribly slow knit. It isn't really that difficult, and I have not had to frog at all (knock on wood, as they say), but it is just s-l-o-w!! Knitty has it labeled as "piquant" "A little something for the seasoned knitter. Daring but not exhausting." I guess that fits. I would hate to see what their "extra spicy" patterns are like. Guess I am not "seasoned" enough.

I really do like what the colors are doing. Wild Things by Lisza Souza - really happy with that aspect of the project. And - it is giving me a good break away from the mundane Leo.

Also, a note of thanks to everyone that wrote comments for Sofee's b-day post. It was fun for me to go thru the old photos, choosing those to share. I always enjoy seeing other's pets and hearing about them, their stories and how they enrich their owner's lives. I am always a little nervous about posting such "nonsense" on my blog however. I hope some folks enjoyed it. Thanks for the nice comments, and for letting me be a little crazy. Oh, and Sofee sends her thanks for all the great birthday wishes sent her way!! She enjoyed her special day, and all the extra attention she received. (Hmmmm - why is she STILL receiving so much attention?????)

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