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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Warning....A Post from Sofee...(feel free to ingnore)

Hey guys! Mom says since it's my birthday, I can post a message today. I am 2 years old now, which is sort of like being a teenager I guess. Mom says she will no longer tolerate me chewing up her knitting needles. Geeezzz.... I haven't done that in a long time! (Hmmm...I remember how much fun it was, though....)

Anyway, I thought perhaps you would like to see my birth family, and how I came to my human family. (I love it here, by the way!!)
That's my mom, Chloe. Yeah, I know - mom says I look just like her - except at 6LBS, she is quite a bit bigger than I am. I'm one of those little puppies in there. I am the big one. Can you tell? I weighed in at 3 oz. Only one other puppy lived, a little boy. It was a sad day. Everyone was just too tiny to make it. So sad....

I was born in Esterville, Iowa, which is about a 3 hour drive from where mom lives, but she drove to visit me as soon as I could have visitors. I couldn't go home with her till I was 12 wks old, as I was just too tiny.
This is the first time I saw my mom. We loved each other on first sight! I had to give her a big ole kiss! I love giving kisses!!
That's my dad, Tino. Can ya believe it!! Mom says I have his personality, as he was a real sweet doggie, and loved people - even strangers. (I think he's handsome!)
Here I am with my brother. Sometimes mom wishes she had adopted him too. I am happy being an only dog. I get all the attention that way! I have Herky (my half brother) to play with, so I am not lonely - just spoiled!
Here are the three of us snoozing in a cat's bed. Pretty crowded in there, wasn't it? Sometimes I miss them, and I often think of them. Mom keeps in touch, and they are both just fine.
Mom took this picture of me on the first day I came home. Boy - it was a long and scary ride. I played and played with my new family, and all those toys! WOW! I was exhausted!
So, there you have it. I am a pretty happy puppy, no, "Young Adult" Dog now. Along with my human family, I have my big brother Herky. I LOVE him!! He comes over to play quite often.

Uh Oh! I gotta go. Mom says just because I am a teenager now, it doesn't mean that I can hang out on the computer all the time! Besides....she says this is so long, no one is reading anymore anyway! BY......
your friend, SofeeSu

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