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Monday, August 06, 2007


We have had rain the last few days, for which I am grateful. The yard has greened back up, and the flowers and vegetables are thriving. We, of course, are sweltering, (Heat + Rain + August + Iowa = Miserably high humidity) but guess it just gives me more of a reason to sit and knit.

I am soooo enjoying my current project. This is the Kathy Zimmerman cardigan "Cool Coral" featured in the Spring 1998 Knitter's magazine. I have renamed this particular rendition "Moonlit Melon". No disrespect, just seemed to fit a little better.
The lace pattern is so much fun, easily memorized, challenging enough not to be boring, yet very friendly. The yarn (ValleyYarn's Longmeadow) is soft, scrunchy ... very "caressable" My intention is to start a pair of socks as a co-project. But, I really don't want to put this aside long enough to even wind the yarn. Sigh.... such problems! LOL!

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