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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ok, Sofee, I'll share our news....

Last Friday, while reading an e-newsletter from my LYS, I came across this plea:

HELP WANTED!! We are still looking for a part-time employee . Must be able to work on Tuesday. Call the shop to inquire!

It was early in the morning, I called and left a message that I might be interested. Later that day, I was notified - come into work next Tuesday!!! WOW! Strangest job interview I ever had!! LOL! (I have known this shop/owner for years, so we both knew what we were getting into.) As they say, be careful what you ask for....

So, here is where I spent yesterday! (Scroll down, and you will eventually come to an interior photo) While I totally enjoyed being at home full time, I think one day a week, spent at the shop with other knitters, might be great fun! I was somewhat anxious when the first customer looked at me with fear and terror in her eyes and thrust her "messed up sweater" towards me. "Can you help??" But, I actually did! I managed to help several ladies with their problems, and it was great fun! Seeing the new books, periodicals, and of course yarns come in will be another great perk. I will be swatching new yarns for shop display, and there has already been discussion of me teaching classes. So.... till further notice, I'll be spending my Tuesdays submerged in a little knitter's nest. Life is good!!

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