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Monday, August 27, 2007

Miscellaneous updates.....

I promise, the next time you see this orangey yarn, it will be in a finished sweater! Promise!In the meantime, here is a shot of the sleeves in progress. (The one on the left is the wrong side so the lace pattern looks all wonky). I re-knit the other front, correcting the error, and thankfully, the back was error free. So, I am on the home-stretch. Boy - sleeves seem to take FOREVER, don't they??

Sofee's allergy treatment is going fairly well. She is getting some relief, but we are having to curtail her outdoor time to the "necessary" times only. She hates it! But, after a few trials, I think it is best - at least for now. Did I mention she hates it? I guess she figures she will have to find her fun somewhere new, evidenced by her brave new activity..... going down the basement stairs!! She has always stood at the top and cried, never being brave enough to navigate the (what must seem huge to her) steps by herself. Not with all the coaxing we would do, not with Herky running lickety split down them..... she would just cry. But, all of a sudden yesterday afternoon she bravely trotted down, as though no big deal!! (No, I do not live in a houseboat, being rocked by waves. She was coming so quickly, not much time to steady the camera!)

And, for a good read, may I recommend:
I read a quick review in our local paper and put it on hold at our public library. Very good! From page one - a grabber. I am not finished yet, but will be soon. Debut novel by this gentleman - hope it will not be his last. He has a fan.

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