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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yes, we are still of the living....

I had so hoped that my next post would include a photo of my completed sweater. But - I give up. I fear that it will still be a few more days before that will be available.

Since it has been over a week since you have heard from me, thought I would give you a photo less update.

First off - my main concern is Sofee. We have just returned from another vet visit - this time with antihistamines and prednisone in tow. Darn! Hoping for immediate relieve. IMMEDIATE!!, as in last week! She had chewed an open sore on her leg this morning - so no more messing around with the conservative approaches.

I am nearing completion on my sweater, and I think the fit is going to be just perfect! I do have to re-do the button band, however. I somehow made only 5 instead of 7 buttonholes, plus the directions given did not make pleasant buttonholes. So, back to the drawing board.....

And, I have made some progress on my ILG socks. I am trying to get both socks made thru the gusset area, as I anticipate the "feet" to be an easy knit. My mother is having surgery next week, and there needs to be some waiting room knitting at my fingertips.

So - there you have it. I hope for photos in a day or so, and a better report on Sofee too. Just didn't want you all to think we had dropped of the face of the Earth.

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