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Monday, August 20, 2007

Thanks go out to Marguerite

She commented that she wanted to see sweater fronts, even if I thought they were boring. Why, or why didn't I do it sooner!!! Amazing what you can "see" when you step back and look!Yes, I know what I will be doing this evening!

And, I recently purchased some single skein to play with. I want to eventually make "Bristow" and have been hearing all sorts of good things about KnitPicks "Andean Silk". One skein to swatch and a color card selection were in order. And, a book, and a few more skeins - that "free shipping' ploy works every time!! There is one skein each, Andean Silk, Andean Treasure, Swish DK, ShineSport, Shine worsted, and Cadena.

Sofee is miserable. Since late last week, she has been itching, scratching, chewing her legs and paws. So - in a couple of hours, she goes to see her friendly vet. She loves him and all his staff. I imagine she has allergies - Darn!! She is miserable, however, so hopefully we can get her some relief. She has managed to tear little tufts of fur out!! Her modeling career may be in jeopardy!

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