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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does anyone know....

What this flower might be? Last year, on one of our many road trips, my husband picked up some interesting looking seed pods from the ground. This spring he planted them in a corner of a flower bed, and actually I had forgotten all about them. A few days ago, I noticed enlarging flower buds, and this morning, awoke to find this beautiful blossom.

It is about 7 inches across, and the length is nearly 11 inches long. It is extremely fragrant. The foliage is very soft and velvety. It appears that we will have at least 2 blossoms. I have been hoping for an early freeze...now, not so sure!!

Will it come up again next year? Do we need to cover it against the harsh Iowa winters? If there are any seed pods produced, I am sure we will save them, but.....??? Just wondered if perhaps someone might have some knowledge they would be willing to share with us. Thanks -

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