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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Change in plans....

My "plan" or hope I guess, was to have the Tilted Duster done by the end of November. Due to some unforeseen fitting issues, I fear that is just not going to happen. I had to re-knit the sleeves, as they were too snug. (Why did I not heed the warnings about this issue....all over blogland I had read about this concern). So, I have one knit the correct width, but it is way too long. So... I have moved away from sleeves for now. :) Luckily the bodice is fitting nicely, and the skirt is growing slowly. I am sure I will get it finished by Christmas, but perhaps not by the end of November.
I have several items that I cannot blog about - holiday surprises, you know!! This scarf is just for me... hmmm "just".... I must re-evaluate that! This is not Noro, but some other variegated yarns I found in my stash. I just purchased an Ivory colored down jacket....and I think this will go nicely with it. Probably not very colorful...but more "me" I guess.
There should be quite a few of the Noro striped scarfs walking about Central Iowa soon. Helping people decide on projects is one of the fun parts of my LYS "job". I have coached quite a few folks thru the planning stages of their scarfs, and I hope to see the end results some day.

Hope everyone has a safe and Thankful Holiday.

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