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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hope this works out ok.....

As you can see, I have the "skirt" done to the "Tilted Duster". I have had a concern about the two side sections that are Stockinette Stitch. My concern is that they would curl or roll. I don't see how it could be avoided, actually. So, I decided to hem those sections. After pondering overnight, I decided that instead of binding off the side panels, I would do a row of purl stitches (forming the fold line) and then knit a few rows for a facing. The ribbed areas would be bound off per pattern instructions. I think I am happy with the outcome, although there is somewhat of a "bump" due to the thicker fabric. I am hoping that blocks out nicely. I am sure it will be better than a curling edge.
I am so anxious to block it, and see what it will really look like!
Next - back to the sleeves. I have not (totally) given up on my goal of finishing by November 30th. I will have to get with my daughter for a fitting later in the week, but perhaps if that can happen, I can still get this finished on schedule. Now -- if I could only move Christmas off a few more weeks - I'd be in good shape!! :)

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