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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New, New, it's all about New!

New Yarn:
This yarn jumped in my bag as I went home from the LYS yesterday. It's so soft and luscious! The photo (of course) does not do the colors justice. sigh...

A New sweater in progress:
This will go to CIC eventually. I keep borrowing the book from the library - I really must purchase my own copy.

A new pair of completed mitts:Yes, yet another pair of fingerless mitts. I like to call them "Early morning reading mitts" as I do so love them for that purpose. These are knit of Baby Alpaca DK - by Plymouth. They are wet in the photo (sort of scrunched up and skinny looking) but when dry, they will be just perfect, and oh so soft! I think I am in an Alpaca phase right now.

Two new pairs of glasses:
I just picked them up today. They are so tiny! Call me Ben (as in Franklin) or John (as in Lennon). No one will ever call me in style (LOL) ....but with my prescription, the farther from the center of my eye, the thicker the lens is. Even with the new thinner lenses - mine can get pretty thick. So, the gal at the vision center did some hard searching and found these for me. The top pair are just for reading. Believe it or not, the bottom are bifocals. Tiny little bifocals. I have never had "reading" glasses before, but they are terrific for computer work too, so I think I am really going to like them. (The multi color on the bottom pair is just on the ear pieces. I have not gone all wild with color...nope not me!)

A new food for Sofee: If you will remember, Sofee suffers with "seasonal allergies". While she is lots better since the season change, she still seems a little itchy. I may be supersensitive to it, but it does seem to be the case. So, I am trying to determine if she perhaps has some food allergies. We have switched her to a very simple food...with only one source of protien - Lamb. If she does not improve, she will then go to duck, and then fish. She absolutely LOVES her new food, which is good, as I am using it as her treats also. She is quite happy with that. (For this photo, I really wanted her to dig into the bag, but she is such a good model, she posed as she usually does when she sees the camera. She would be a commercial photographer's dream.)

So, guess that's all the new stuff I have to tell you about. Oh, I did get my new needles from Knitpicks, so I can get back to my stalled Debbie Bliss baby sweater soon. I am waiting for a new shipment from WEBs, some more of the Queensland Kathmundu Aran. And, I started on a new diet today. Wish me luck with that one....LOL!

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