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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finished, if not dried......

Jerold's Gansey from "Knitting Gansey" by Beth Brown-Reinsel is completed. In order to do the pattern justice, I really should have read the entire book first, and perhaps even knit the small practice gansey offered. But - no - I just made the sweater. It came out ok - so no big complaints. It was a fun knit - although I was a little concerned about the sizing while knitting. Now I am happy with it. It was knit on US5 and US8 needles, of "Galway" a 100% worsted weight yarn. If it were knit to a different gauge, it would be a little warmer. Seems a little loose to me, but perhaps it will be better once dry. It is the recommended gauge, both for the yarn and for the pattern sizing. This will go to CIC, for their current challenge. Oh, and I finally broke down and purchased the book.... Hope the library will find another interested patron - it always seemed to be available when I wanted it.

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