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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I give up....

While I am trying to keep a cheery outlook, I am getting a wee bit discouraged. It's snowing again today... when, oh when, will spring come to the Midwest this year? The forecast was for temperatures in the mid 40s this weekend. I certainly hope that this most recent storm will be gone by then, and the warmer temps will indeed be here.

And, I also go belly up on the quest for a decent photo of my Central Park Hoodie.... this is as good as it's going to be I fear. Imagine cables please. The fronts and back are blocking, while I am still working on the sleeves. It's going fairly fast, and I am enjoying the process. I must admit that I am getting anxious to finish this project so that I can move along to the next one - DD's nursing shawl. (I am a "one at a time" kinda gal, if you will remember.) This has reminded me how much I enjoy working with Donegal Tweed. I love the rustic beauty of the yarn.
Melissa is doing wonderfully well with her sweater. I hope to get some new photos this weekend. While she is checking in with me from time to time, she is pretty much forging along on her own. Her ability to understand the pattern and the process itself is amazing. I truly think she must have been an accomplished knitter in a previous life..... She certainly knows all the ins and outs. She is dreaming of her next project, she is building her stash already, and has a complete set of needles now - the Harmony variety. DPNS, and Circs! I think I may be jealous!

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