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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alas...no Kodak moment here.

Try as I might, I cannot get a decent photograph of the back of my CPH. Not sure it if it is the tweedy dark red color, or my photography skills, but cable details elude me. So...you'll just have to take my word for it, the Central Park Hoodie is coming along, albeit without a few bumps in the road. At the beginning of the 2nd front, I realized that I had completed the first front piece totally wrong...it had only one cable! YIKES!! So, yes, I ripped that baby back to the ribbing and off we go again. Perhaps Melissa should fine a new mentor....I can share a photo of this Webs shipment I received. It's the yarn for DD's nursing shawl. It is a darker brown than I had anticipated, but I think it will be pretty none the less. I hope she likes it. Hope my old eyes are up to it....very close to black thru these bifocals. Pray for me.....

Sofee expresses her thanks to all her friends and their humans for the many messages that she received. She is doing fine - although she is anxiously awaiting spring. On most any afternoon, she can see upwards of 8 squirrels out her patio door - within "chase range" of her frisky little legs. We have fed them (and the birds) quite heavily this winter, as it has been such a rough season. When it warms up, they will once again have to put up with her chasing them on a regular basis. The cost they must pay for free food - being Sofee's treadmill!

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