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Friday, February 08, 2008

There's some craziness afoot.....

Perhaps its the giddiness of the new baby, or perhaps a symptom of cabin fever, whatever it is, I have made one strange hat! Thorpe...on something??? for sure!See...I told you it's getting strange around here - the cereal cannister is wearing a hat! I am thinking of felting or "fulling" the hat part, as it is just a tad big. I'll think about it for awhile.

I probably won't make a special trip for the buttons for this "rosey" sweater. Actually I am not very happy with the outcome. I much prefer the little blue sweater I made first. (Shades of things to come, I am sure!) Thanks to everyone for the kind comments of happiness and congratulations that so many of you have sent. Mommy reads my blog, and is sharing in the enjoyment of reading the comments. Thanks! Granpa and I got to view the DVD of the ultrasound last night. Such a wonder!
And finally, a Sofee post. Sofee always greets DH (aka daddy) when he comes home from work. She runs out to the garage and receives 3 (yes - she counts them) tiny treats. Well, on Wednesday, I did not expect her to run out as normal. The drive had not yet been cleared, and the snow was pretty deep, but she leaped off the step - landing into a tire track and followed it all the way to his truck. Gulp - treats down - and then she walked back to the house. I ran for the camera, laughing all the way.
As you can tell, the trip back to the house was not quite as much fun....but she did eventually make it. This is the same dog that refuses to go out by herself to potty - requiring me to take her out and place her in her "spot" only to immediately snatch her back up and carry her back to the house. I think she is just a tad spoiled.... Sigh....

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