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Saturday, March 15, 2008

No more cookies....

My DH gave me this bag for my birthday a couple of years ago. I love to use it as my knitting bag. (It is actually a book bag from Levenger.) I have a hinged tin (the dark blue item in one of the end pockets), in which I keep my small 6" ruler, scissors, pencil, etc. But I have been trying to find containers to fit into the 4 smaller pockets. While browsing through Michael's the other day I found these terrific storage boxes. Just the ticket! And the different colors help me remember which box is which. They were each 99cents! Can't beat that!
Notice - the bag is my "favorite" color too! LOL
but I do like the splash of color that the boxes provide.

What does everyone else use as their favorite knitting bag?

And, I mentioned a new project coming. A big project...well, perhaps I should say "Complicated" project, "Formidable" project. At least for me....
Here are the charts: (What a great idea - using an old cookie sheet as a LARGE magnet board. That idea is courtesy of Ravelry. I never would have thought of it, but it's genius. Tons easier than juggling several smaller boards. I finally have all the symbols memorized - which helps tremendously!!
After multiple swatches and false starts, the first pattern repeat on the back of "St. Brigid" by Alice Starmore is done. When I started, I was a little apprehensive -- didn't know if I would be able to master it. But, I think it's a go. I am sure this is going to take me forever...but slow and steady...hopefully I will get it made.
I have wanted this pattern for quite some time, but the book is out of print. I finally managed to find a friend who had a copy and has loaned it to me. So - I am a very happy knitter right now. Fresh baked cookies will be nonexistent for awhile --- but --- guess that means more time to knit!

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