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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Color my world brown..

I am at the half-way point on my DD's nursing shawl. So far, it has been a very fun project. It has been awhile since I have done any lace work, plus this Rowan "Wool Cotton" yarn is a delight to work with. I have never used Rowan yarns before.....I wonder....are they all this wonderful?
This is an easy little stitch pattern - quite fun and easily memorized. The second half is made identical to the first, and then the two pieces are kitchnered together. The pink provisional cast on will be removed and a knitted fringe edging will be on the scalloped edge. It also will need to be blocked. I hope she likes it. It is very soft and lightweight. It's a summer baby, you know. Oh - btw - another ultrasound confirms that he is indeed a little boy. One that likes to play with his toes too. Ultrasounds are awesome!
Luckily I like brown. The brown in the shawl is a very deep, solid, one color brown. This guy, however is quite a bit lighter in shade (regardless of what the photo portrays) and a nice heather tone.
He and ten of his friends came home from the LYS with me yesterday. Obviously I have a large project in mind - but more about that later.

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