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Saturday, March 22, 2008

One week later...

St. Brigid is coming right along. I am on the last pattern repeat for the back. My row gauge is off, however, so I think one additional repeat will be needed. I am a little concerned that my gauge in the seed stitch areas must be off. The outside edges seem to draw up....but I am hopeful that will diminish with a good blocking.
I love cables - always have. So...I totally love this! It has nothing to do with my knitting skill - just a totally drop dead gorgeous pattern, in my opinion anyway. It's not at all difficult, just time consuming, and you have to pay attention to what you are doing. I do need to break away soon, as I have some other projects that are needing some attention.

Oh, and Yes, if you see any cable errors....please DO tell me. I will cry, and sob, and well....carry on, but I would rather know now than later.
And, after having recently flooded you with Sofee photos, I had no intention of posting any more anytime soon. But..... I had a cloth laid out on the patio to use as a backdrop for St. Brigid. I managed to take some photos while the sun was shining - trying to capture those cables. Sofee was watching from the house. I came in to check the photos, leaving the cloth where it was. She wiggled thru the open door and positioned herself on the cloth.....posing for her "Sofee in the Sunshine" photo. I tried to tell her she didn't have any cables to show...but, well, she's a typical kid - they never listen to their moms!
"Cables, who needs cables!"

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