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Thursday, March 06, 2008

This n that

Well, my Central Park Hoodie is finished! Great fun. It's not ready for official photos yet...I am sharing a photo of the I-cord bind off that I did. I had never done this type of bind-off before, but I really like the outcome. It took a great deal of time (2hr, 45 min) but I think it makes for a nice finish. This photo is of the front of the hood.
I have a question. What does everyone use to wash their knits? The shop just got a new shipment of Eucalan, and I decided to give it a try. Lavender scent, no less. In the past, I have used anything from dishwashing soap to shampoo. I really don't have a favorite. Do you?
And, Kay posted a dare to flash a little stash. She was interested in how others store their beloved yarns. This is my little corner of heaven -- one corner of my office/knitting room. When I start to outgrow that given space, I start knitting more and buying less. Sometimes I struggle with that. Kay was particularly interested in sock yarn. One of the larger mesh drawers is full of mostly Opal. On the left is tub full of Lisa Souza sock yarns, and a tub full of STR and Cherry Tree Hills, and a few others. Not a great quantity when compared to others, I am sure. But enough for me to feel guilty at times...... but I have learned to deal with guilt pretty darn well.....

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