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Monday, April 21, 2008

And the REAL mystery is....

Why was this so difficult for me? I had so many false starts....I lost track a long time ago! Finally, I have a version that is correct (I think...) and that I am happy with. Whew..... Now to put in a life line before this Friday's Clue #2 comes out...and the challenge begins all anew.

I am not a lace knitter, but still...I have made quite a few "lacy" socks, and I know how to read a chart. Not sure what my problem(s) were....but if nothing else, I will develop patience with myself during this project!

Stats: The Mystery Lace I KAL - the Yahoo group. Yarn is Zeypher 2/18 wool/silk lace yarn. Needles Knitpicks Harmony us4. First clue was given out on Friday the 18th, but I did not have time to start it till Sunday. The Designer, Susan Reishus says "this pattern is written as knitted lace (changes in every row) vs. lace knitting (with plain return rows)". Perhaps I should have taken that as a warning... lol! Wish me luck! :)

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