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Friday, May 30, 2008

blogging slump?

It's been a week since I last posted to this blog. I guess I must be in a blogging slump, just nothing much to write about. The young doves are out on their own - often seen perched on the fence close to their "home tree". As for knitting - I have not been too productive with finished knits. But, I have not been totally lazy either:

I have a rule, if I see a knitting book and after 24 hours I am still thinking about it, well - it's mine. That was the case with this book. It just has a "classic" feel to it. I picked it up at a LYS. They had used this book for a class they recently had. Darn! Too bad I missed that one....

I am still trying to get into the lace groove. This photo shows me that I need to be more careful with my blocking. Obviously some areas were stretched more taunt than others. I have so much to learn. This is a swatch for a KAL that I have joined. I think the start date will be late June. The yarn is Knitpicks Gloss in Chipotle colorway. I like the yarn..... my knitting ability is what is lacking. My patience is growing a bit however. I have invested in several Harmony needle points, in that they are sharp and not as slippery as the metal options points.
I am knitting with a small group of gals on Thursday evenings, meeting at a local coffee shop. A great deal of fun, actually. For lack of any other WIP, I took St. Brigid a couple of weeks ago. While the knitting went well, on the way to the car, I dropped the cookie sheet - sending all of my magnets flying helter skelter. I finally figured out my place and have been working on St Brigid's front panel. It really is so much more fun and relaxing than lace.

And, for a totally enjoyable, gratifying knit, I return to one of my first loves - socks! My mom is still talking about how much she likes her new socks, so yes....another pair that will eventually be hers. This is an original skein of Opal - an antique probably - that I found in my stash. She will love them, I am sure. And, I love working on them when I really need to unwind with some comfort knitting.

Sofee - remains as ever.... although she was being very independent this morning, and refused to look at the camera. It is an odd occurrence, but happened none the less. Perhaps she was just showing a little attitude!! A Chihuahua with an attitude!!!! -- Go Figure!! LOL!!
"Mom was beginning to take this photo thing for granted.... treats,
she needs to bribe me with treats.....will she ever learn??"

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