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Saturday, May 17, 2008

For the birds....

I have worked at the LYS Tuesday thru Friday this week. Those of you who are retired will understand that I have a huge desire to whine right now. Those of you who are not retired, really don't want to hear it.... so - mum's the word!

Sometime since I last stuck my camera into the tree, the baby doves were hatched.
I think it is fortunate that there are only two. The Inn might be a tad crowded if there were anymore. I am not sure when they hatched actually, but soon they will be out on their own...they are growing very fast. Mom was none to pleased with me, so perhaps one more photo shoot in a few days, but not many more. I don't want her to get too upset.....

And on the knitting front:
I have been asked to teach a sock class at the LYS. As a teaching tool, I made this sock with each region of the sock assigned a unique color. There is also 4 different ribbing patterns from which they may choose for their own socks.I may be crazy, but I really like this sock. The colors blend very well (not so much in the photo) the top ribbing being a dark rust and the heel being a charcoal, and they are "my" colors. I may have to dip back into the scrap bag and make a mate.

I returned to work on St. Brigid earlier this week. After I reacquainted myself with the chart legend, I was good to go. It really is a fun project. I'll let you know when the front is done - but it may be awhile. Not a quick knit at all.

And, I am working on lace work again, for the Mystery Lace KAL. Yes....THAT one! I'm a stickler, and I think those of that that hung in there will be rewarded with a nice knitting experience. I have learned a great deal. I am concerned that I won't be able to keep up, but I am going to give it a good try.....

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