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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Did that title get your attention?.....as we await baby Garrett's arrival....it's a somewhat sensitive word around here. But no - I was referring to our baby cardinals.

Sorry the photo is blurry. I was trying to hurry as the parents were quite upset with me. I basically wanted to show the difference in their color. I assume the topmost is a female, and the one on the bottom of the photo is a male. There is such a distinct difference in coloration. The third egg, I fear, is not going to hatch. I assume mom will get rid of the bad egg eventually. These guys hatched on Sunday and Monday (I think anyway). They have very attentive parents - it's fun to watch, as they work to feed their hungry family. Hopefully these babies will be cute the next time you see them.

BTW - check out the grandma ticker over there....... Not too much longer!!! I think they are still undecided on his name. He will probably always be "Baby Garrett" to me. (Garrett is his surname - although it's a fine first name too, actually) I am sure he will be cute - even the first time you see him. (I think I will do just fine with this boasting grandma thing..... )

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