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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally....2 FOs!

Snowmen mittens! (Does this count as 4 FO's??) This pattern was part of a "Mystery mittalong" in which the finished mitten was to be donated to charity. These will go towards CIC's current mitten challenge, with final destination being a South Dakota Indian Reservation I believe. Good cause - cold fingers - wherever they may be. I believe that I read that Jean (the designer) had plans of putting the pattern of Ravelry. She also has an owl pattern, and a larger version of this snowman mitten.
These are supposed to fit a preschool aged child. I have no model hands, so I can only hope they will fit. The mitten was fun to make, out of WW wools, and on size 4 DPNS, but the detail work was somewhat fiddly. The original instructions suggested embroidery features, but I did not trust my abilities. I dug in my orphan button box and found some suitable buttons, and used beads for the eyes and nose. Poor guys will be mute and have no lunch either....alas - no mouths!

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