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Thursday, July 17, 2008

They're haunting me......

UFOs - they call to me in the middle of the night....and mock me as I cast on yet another new project. But - I vow this will be my last..... I really MUST get some things completed. This will not be a speedy finish - so this is not included in the near future goal.
Its the Goddess Knits MS9. It's been a breeze to knit so far (knock on wood!). I am using the suggested yarn, bought from an Etsy vendor. It was my first shopping experience with Etsy - and a very pleasant one. This "Kona", which is a merino classified as "Lt wt fingering" yarn. It's very soft, and I love the subtle color variation. It is "Caramel" colorway, especially dyed just for me! I later saw a skein that she calls "Latte" which I liked even more....so yes, that was my 2nd Etsy purchase. The vendor is "Fritzl"(no affiliation-but she does have some gorgeous stuff. Also I had great service). I am knitting this on Knitpicks US 6 metal options. (It's on a Harmony needle just for the photo shoot).
I think (hope) it is error free up to this point. It's amazing - not sure if it's my newly fought for lace experience, or the slightly heavier yarn, or the particular pattern, or perhaps a combination of all of the above - but it's been a very easy project so far. I don't think I have had to tink back at all. Counts have been right on every round! (Knock on that wood again!)
And, I must admit that I feel a wee bit treasonous - yes, I have joined the mechanical world. When I started knitting again several years ago, I purchased this Nostepinde from a craftsman in Louisiana. It was just after Katrina - as I remember he was using wood from trees uprooted by the storm. I love it - I truly do! But, the LYS where I work, has this lovely "heavy duty" Royal ball winder. It is just a joy to use. So, when I realized we had one for sale - again that employee discount got the best of me. This will wind HUGE skeins...as well as small ones. It is probably the Cadillac of ball winders - but once in awhile you deserve a truly decadent purchase. And...I still love that little Nostepinde, and promise to use it on occasion.

I hope my next few post(s) include FOs. I will try to refrain from dog or baby posts for awhile - as difficult as that may be. After all, this is supposed to be a knitting blog you know...well, I guess there IS that "Ok - and Sofee too" tagged on there......

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