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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lace, and love....

I have the 5th pattern in the Summer Sampler Stole completed. It's Spiders I guess. Or, some people see people. I think I am a people person. Looks like a choir of angels to me. It was challenging as there was a "K7tog" and then you had to keep knitting into the same stitch 7 more times. Not sure if that is called a Nub or not....but whatever, I am glad that it's only a small part of this project.

And, of course, another photo of BG. Everyone is home now, and adjusting quite nicely. Thanks to all of you for the warm best wishes and congratulatory comments. It is so wonderful to have him here...and know that he is healthy and well. Life will never be the same......
To say that I am Grateful.... hardly scratches the surface of what I feel.... but guess it's a good place to start. So very grateful!

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