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Monday, July 07, 2008

Progress on ....

my Anniversary Shawl - there it is....that lumpy thing on the table....waiting for some attention. Hmmmm.....somehow priorities are just a little different right now. I am just now finishing last week's clue....and falling farther behind each day. That's ok, moments like these are priceless. I want to be with BG 24/7! I have given my daughter the option of calling me at anytime, and I'll be there. Fortunately for me, she's called a few times!! Not sure if she really wants the help, or if she is just trying to please me.....but I am not going to analyze it too much - just enjoy the opportunity to snuggle with the little love. I know he will grow up so quickly!

I am also falling behind on my charity knitting. My new year's resolution was an item each month - 12 for the year. So to spur me on....I have joined this mitten KAL. I started a pair of preschool mittens today. They should work up very quickly. After my struggles with lace, they were a joy to work on!

I am going to try to spread out the Anniversary Shawl and see what it looks like. If it's not too hideous, I will try to post a photo. I know I have some errors - and hoping for miraculous camouflage from the variegated yarn. Hoping!

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