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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Just look very quickly..... and perhaps you won't notice the flaws. I know they are there...but I actually can't find them. So -- I will march onward. Two lessons learned..... avoid variegated yarns for lace work, and if you DO use them, they help hide flaws. So this time, I guess I lucked out!Sort of looks like a flattened tire, doesn't it.... ?? Perhaps not my best efforts.....

On the Sofee / BG front, several people have asked how Sofee likes the new baby. Actually, they haven't met yet. DD thought it was best to have her meet him on HER homefront. They have not taken the baby visiting yet, but I think they plan to bring him over this weekend. So tentatively, first meeting is scheduled for this weekend.

I have no concerns about Sofee loving BG. She basically loves all people. I never have to worry when a strange child comes up and pets her....she loves everyone. (Now strange dogs....THAT's another story!!) My concern is that Sofee is a big kisser (licker) and of course, we don't want her licking the baby. So that will be hard for her to understand. Perhaps we can allow just a single kiss on the bottom of his foot..... :)

Herky has accepted his new little brother very well, but at times seems a little saddened by 2nd place ranking all of a sudden. They are trying to give him his due extra special attention, but it's difficult - with so much going on. He is a terrific dog however, and will be a great pal, and a very protective one too, I am sure.

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