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Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost forgot....

I forgot to post a photo of the socks that I knit for my mom - mainly while on vacation. I finished them once home. They are knit from Lisa Souza's Sock! yarn, and "Mother of Pearl" is the colorway.
Can you see the faint hint of color? Mother of Pearl is the perfect name for this yarn. Regular readers may remember, my mom wanted "mostly white with touches of blue and pink". Well, not quite, but hope she likes these. First Christmas present completed! (They really are the same length, I just have them on the blockers sort of wonky.)
And a fun little knit that I just completed.... a "Sweet Baby Cap" courtesy of Raverly. Fall is coming and I know a little baby that will be needing some warm caps. Hope this fits. I should find out on Wednesday, when my stay at home grandma duties begin!!!! Poor DD must return to work on that day. Boy, will she miss him, and he will miss her too, I am sure. As for me - well, I'm looking forward to Wednesday. :)
I left the ties extra long, to be shortened when I decide proper length. If it fits him, I'll post a photo in a couple of days. It's cute as a button on some of the babies on Ravelry. It is heralded as a "Norwegian" baby cap. Hmmm.... wonder how a round little Korean face will look in it. Cute, I am sure, but will it fit????? I just used some Sock! left-overs. If the pattern fits, I think I will do some in some self striping yarns. Would be cute!

Oh, and I have been tagged for a MeMe.....so will be back with that in a day or so. I must think of some interesting facts about myself. Hmmmm - that might be pretty difficult. Don't worry - I will tag no one, but if you are a willing volunteer, just let me know! I can use 6 of you.......

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