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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something new....

"Komi Cap" from the book "Hat's On!" by Charlene Schurch. This is a hat that my son chose when he was home last winter. The solid green section will tuck up inside, being a lining for the first 2.5 inches. I am knitting it out of Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. I really like this yarn, and the colors are perfect for this projcet - just what he requested. After reading Ravelry, I am somewhat nervous however. It appears that this particular hat pattern has caused some problems in the fit department. Hmmm.... So, I am hoping for the best.

Speaking of Raverly - had I read what others had to say about this project before I began it, I certainly would have been hours ahead. There is an error in the pattern - one which caused me quite a bit of tinking back to correct. Grrrrrr....I should have checked first, or at the very least searched for an Errata. Seems pattern errors are so, so common. Beware - there are several out there for the newest Vogue knitting magazine - yes those lovely mittens - so tread carefully!

While the solid green part was knit on a 0, I really need a size 1 (2.25mm) 16" circular needle for the patterned part. I am using DPNS (8 of them), and while they are my most beloved Pony Pearls, it is a bit ungainly. Perhaps it is to be, however..... I just tried to order a needle from KnitPicks, and had all sorts of technical difficulty. (Perhaps it is an omen.... I am a bit concerned about switching after having knit the first inch with DPNS.....tension is so sensitive you know).

I was also going to order "Doggie Knits", a book that Kay told me about. I do think Sofee needs a new sweater for the coming season. In this book, there is one especially designed for Chi's out of fingering wt yarn. Sounds perfect for miss you-know-who. She is itchy and miserable with her allergies....so hoping for an early frost here. Perhaps a new sweater would perk her up a little. I am trying to keep medication to the minimum.

MS10 started yesterday. Shirley is in on this one! Should be fun. I need to either start it today, or decide that I will wait till the Shawl bug attacks again. Hmmmmm...... I'll ponder that for a bit. I also have some hats for BG bouncing around in my head. Decisions, Decisions......

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