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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No frills - no fuss

Very basic, worsted weight, wool gloves. (I must really be worried about having cold fingers this winter.....)These are made from the Knitty pattern, "Cigar". Originally a man's pattern, I discovered last winter that if I make the smallest size, on a size 4 needle, they fit me perfectly. They are knit from the Andes yarn, the same used in the Horizontal Herringbone scarf.I especially like the way the thumb gusset grows out of the side of the hand. For those of you that have accidentally knit two left (or right) hand coverings.....this might be a good pattern for you, as each is made identical. You just chose to wear one on the right, and the other on the left hand. Eventually they "form" to your hand and you can tell which one goes where.

It really is a simple, easy pattern that I would suggest for someone's first glove project. The instructions are very easy to understand, and the heavier yarn helps make the fiddly finger part, well, not quite so...fiddly. And best of all - the finished product is a good utilitarian glove.

Hope you all have a happy holiday. "See" you in a few.......

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