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Monday, November 24, 2008

These are keepers....

They are warm, dense, and fit me just perfectly. They will put a bit of whimsy into those cold winter chores.....clearing snow from windshields and sweeping snow paths through which Sofee can maneuver. I do believe that I like the palm (or should I say "paw"?) side of them better than the front. The bone on the thumb and the paw print.... so very clever!Raverly is "down" right now, so please scroll down to the previous post for the link to the designer's page. Again, I modified these with the weight of yarn (I used Sport), the length of cuff (extended mine by 8 rounds of the striping effect) and the needle size. I used 3.00mm DPNs for most of the mitten. I used 3.25mm for the area starting right below where my thumb is - the thickest part of my hand in other words - thru several rows above the thumb opening. You can't visually see a difference, but there is just a little bit of extra "give" in that region. I was trying to compensate for not having a thumb gusset. It seems to have worked well, as they fit better than most "afterthought" thumb mittens.

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