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Thursday, November 13, 2008

NORO = Never Ordinary Routine Or (boring)

You would think that since I was just complaining about a BORING scarf, I would not start another scarf right away...... but no! To balance the fiddly fine work of the Selbu glove fingers, I needed a mindless escape. And...nothing made of Noro can EVER be defined as boring!

Some stash diving came up with several skeins of a bulky Noro. (What's in the bottom of Your plastic bins?) This was a quick (2 evenings) knit on size 11 needles. It's a reversible modified ribbed stitch - one that I used years and years ago. Somethings never leave a person's mind.

This will go in the box to be sent off to my son. I may make up a couple more if time allows.

Now - back to those fingers. Just one left! Hmmmm...."procrastination" perhaps?

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