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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Feeling a little left out of late, Sofee reminds me that this is HER blog too, so she gets to demonstrate what she and I are doing today. Basically just chilling out! We are "home alone" and doing the leisure thing. In her case.....that means sleeping. In mine....it means blogging about finished projects, and starting something new.

Still damp from blocking, here is the latest....... truly a "Labor or Love". Were they not intended for my mom, I think I would have given up on them. Now that the sweat has stopped flowing, I actually like them. I hope she will. Even though she rarely goes out in cold weather anymore, she will enjoy showing them to her friends, I am sure. She thinks her children are all talented in our varied ways, and enjoys sharing stories (aka bragging) about us with her friends. Once a mom...always a mom I guess. I may forget to show her the flaw that I just noticed as I snapped these photos. I was (fairly) happy with the continuation of the palm pattern on the thumbs, but I now see that I messed up on the pinkie finger. Darn! Sigh......
For the record, these were not easy. The stitch count between the glove proper and what I needed for the fingers were off. So.... a great deal of "fudging" went on. Guess they are serviceable gloves, and I will now stop whining!

New on the needles this morning, a fun little project....for me, or for nobody. I don't care...it's just going to be fun!

Blogless Karen, a member of my Thursday night knitting group (we really need a name) told me about a mitten KAL on Ravelry. On Friday morning I found an invitation to this group. (Thanks Karen!).

As a special gift to those that signed up for the KAL, the designer (Jorid Linvik) sent us each one of her new patterns. She has another free one available, plus some gorgeous designs for sale, but this one just struck me as being so whimsical and fun! It also brings back memories of our great Moose search when we were in Glacier National Park a few months ago. We failed to see any, but other members of our group were more fortunate.

I dug into the stash (love that stash) and came up with some suitable yarns and cast on this morning. I am using Opal sock yarns. The colors in the photo are a little off. The background for the roses is a deep green, and the background for the moose section is deep brown. I love the reflection in the ice design. I rarely use blue, and it is just by luck that I have a skein in my stash. Guess it was a good omen.....

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