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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching up......

I hope you all had a great Holiday and will have a safe New Years Celebration this evening. We had a terrific Christmas at our house, and as far as the New Year....well, I'll probably be sound asleep when the new year actually starts.

Our son was home for Christmas. His flight was delayed leaving Albuquerque, so he was rerouted through Dallas.....avoiding the huge bottleneck awaiting him in Chicago. Whew....he was very lucky! He's back in New Mexico now....his short visits always fly by so quickly - but it's always so nice to see him. This year he got to meet his new nephew, so especially nice!

All of my Christmas knits were pretty well received -- surprisingly, even the ski mask! I think he's reached the age that comfort outweighs making a fashion statement, and if his chosen career does not work out, and he ever wants to start a life of crime, well....he has the outfit already! LOL

My mom liked her Sellbu Gloves and they fit nicely. I am glad that I persevered and finished them for her -- it was a very close call! I could have made her just as happy with several pairs of easy plain jane socks however! She always want more socks! Lucky for me she doesn't want to start a collection of Selbu gloves. I am grateful!!!

While BG got the hang of ripping open his presents (with a little help from friends) he thought the best part of the gifts were the balls of wrapping paper that when scrunched up just right would fit nicely into his little mouth! Next year, at 18 months, he will probably move up to the empty boxes. (Parents and grandparents will never learn......) Knitting production is just beginning to resume. I finally finished the "Let it snow" mittens from the Fall 2008 issue of Vogue Knittng magazine. I wish I could provide a link to the pattern, but as far as I know, it is to be found in the magazine only. Hmmmm does Vogue knitting sale individual patterns as does Interweave knits? I can't answer that, but it might be worth investigating.....I decided it could snow....much preferred to the ice storm that we experienced a few days ago. But considering what folks North of us are experiencing, I will not complain about our weather - nope, absolutely not! Back to the mittens -- I actually like the back side almost as well as the front. These were knit using Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and 2.23mm Pony Pearl DPNS. It was a fun knit, and the mittens are very nice and comfy.

I parted with my Boston Doggie mittens, even though I may regret that decision. I gave them to my SIL, and I hope she likes them. I can always make another pair......and I hope I do. Someone please remind me.....

And.... Both my son and my son in law are asking for socks. So, I dug thru my stash of machine was/dry "manly or at least not totally girly" sock yarns and have started knitting "plain john" socks. I have not knit many socks of late, and actually, I am enjoying these. I also purchased one of the new Opal Harry Potter Colorways...."Draco". Opal is such a durable sock yarn....perfect for the abuse these guys will probably give their socks. Just wish they had more appropriate colorways from which to chose. And yes, I have a stack of girly colorways waiting to be knit up for my mom...... More Selbu knitting may just have to wait......

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