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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Maybe? - For sure!

For the New Year, I thought a new look for the blog might be in order. But....I can't seem to find anything that I am happy with. Quite uncertain about this template, but I guess it will do for a bit - or till I am ready to try another look. (Maybe?)

My daughter and I had a "girl's day out" yesterday. Great fun! Along with shopping and lunch, we saw the movie "The Curious case of Benjamin Buttons". Extremely good film! It was long, but never once did I wish for knitting needles in hand....it kept my attention totally. Always a good indicator of movie quality.
For a good read (again, courtesy of my daughter) I recommend "Knit Two" by Kate Jacobs. It's a sequel to her "Friday Night Knitting Club". It picks up the characters, five years later. A very enjoyable read.
The manly socks are coming along quite nicely. (A little masculine duck decoy action going on there.....) This first pair will be sent to my son, as they are a tad small for my SIL. My SIL has chosen this Regia yarn for his pair. So, with a few size modifications, they will be up on the needles next.
I am shocked at how much I am enjoying this easy little sock project. I now remember how fun it is to knit socks - and also why the self-patterning yarns were so popular for so long! (For sure!)

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