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Saturday, December 06, 2008

New and old....

Here is the scarf that I made "on the road". It's out of one skein of Malabrigo worsted weight. Finished size is 7" by 72" knit on size 10 needle. Besides being a fun little project, it produced a lusciously soft, airy, neck wrap. It was a hit at my Thursday Night Knit group....and of course the designer/pattern was discussed. When I entered it into Ravelry, I could not find the pattern listed. It is by Kathleen Taylor, who has many nice designs on Ravelry, but not this particular item. So, here is the link to her blog page with this pattern. It is called "November 28 Lace Scarf"- named after a calendar pattern page - and I really don't remember who, but I think someone mentioned it in an email to me originally. So - thanks to whomever (so sorry I have forgotten who).

Spending time exploring her blog brought to light that along with writing several wonderful knitting books, she has also written a mystery series. After reading some online reviews of her novels, well, they are next on my list of books to explore. Such a find!

I have the latest Jorid mittens completed. I am very happy with them too! Photos soon....

DH is sick today...nasty cold. So, our plans to cut down a Christmas tree have been put on hold till next weekend. Little BG and momma and daddy are doing just that - as I write this. It's a bit of a family tradition.....many snow balls were thrown between my two kids under the guise of "tree hunting". Nice holiday tradition that I am happy to see has slid down to the next generation. BG of course is too young to appreciate it this year...but daddy's video camera will keep the memories intact till he is old enough to appreciate them. And, I bet momma tosses a few snowballs at daddy.....just might happen!

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